Why does the media say – nothing to see here?

The above 139 page document has hundreds of papers and science to consume until your hearts content. Why does the media say – nothing to see here! YouTube has 5 minute videos that tell us not to worry. So because some impressive dude tells me not to worry it is all ok? Really are we idiotic moronic sheep that just accept what we are told when 100s of scientists echo their concerns. Huh?

  • Fear mongering (oh like covid-19 is but that’s ok?)
  • 5G concerns are just myths
  • No adverse affects
  • The sun radiates
  • Safe standards
  • Bees are safe
  • Has been around for a long time and we have been unable to find any adverse affects.
  • Already been tested
  • All just conspiracy theories (code for mentally deranged, tin hatted, dribbling morons)
  • You misunderstand the technology so trust those that do.
  • It’s not the new tobacco don’t be a luney tune!
  • Fuelled by social media frenzy.
  • Small number of protestors VS the majority
  • Some protestors claim it will cause harm
  • You don’t have anything to worry about
  • Don’t believe what’s on Facebook!
  • Think of all the new capabilities
  • You insane people are holding back the advancement of technology.
  • Trustworthy organisations like the CDC say its ok so relax
  • I love this one – Russia is spreading misinformation about 5G!
  • It’s non-ionising so your DNA is safe.
  • Oh, two geeks told me it was ok.
  • The dizziness is all in your head!
  • It makes your life better!
Making your life better – nonsense

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