There have been 10,000 studies that study the affects of EMF including the controversial 5G. There are also 4000 studies of the therapeutic affects of EMF in addition to these so there is a massive body of peer reviewed and published information. Must be a conspiracy theory hey? Really? If you think that you need run full tilt at a brick wall head first or plunge it into the arctic water immediately. How can you just believe companies that clearly do not give a toss about your health. Yes – they too will suffer which is so ironic but this is historically based reasoning. If you want to know what is happening right now just be a student of history. There are many life times of study right there. Stop being a fool and ranting and raving on the word of a media paid medical doctors who just prescribe drugs and don’t do any real science. (not 1000’s PHD scientists who have studied this over a life times) What could those men and woman possibly know? You are the lunatic not these PHD scientists!

There are 9 affects of EMF that we need to know and that are included in the above studies.

  1. Reproductive – decrease in sperm number and quality
  2. Neurological
  3. Calcium uptake increases
  4. Increase in free radicals
  5. Programmed cell death
  6. Cellular DNA damage
  7. Cancer
  8. Endocrine
  9. Cardiac Affect

Core Risks

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autism ADHD
  • DNA Damage
  • Reproductive
  • Neuropsy Chiatric affects
  1. 197 bodies of work that WiFi, cell towers cause issues even though they transmissions are well below “guidelines”
  2. Pulsed EMF are more dangerous – 13 reviews – first published in 1965
  3. 28 studies – The mechanism – voltage gated calcium channel – EMF’s greatly increase the influx. (See Diagram in video)
  4. 100 studies – nano second pulse produce adverse affects
  5. Effects from pairs of nano seconds pulses – science in “guidelines” based on bogus science
  6. The existence of “exposure intensity windows” – max biological affects.
  7. Stem cells are very sensitive to EMF – “guidelines” ignore biological science studies
  8. Certain frequencies produce vastly larger effects.

5G – Massive pulsation – there lies potential issues compared to previously generations.

This part one. Part two is here.

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