code words

There are catch phrases and code words that just mean – Technocracy and control.

  • Sustainable development
  • Criteria – 1 – energy management, 2. Surveillance of everything
  • Technology has matured since 1973 when this concept really began in earnest.
  • The body of technology is fulfilling the vision of technocracy – weaponizing it against us
  • 5G is not about cells phone speed!
  • Internet of things – light it up – allow data collection in real time.
  • Latency is the massive winner with 5G – 1 millisecond or less – real time.
  • A.I will be waiting to extract the information and analyze it.
  • Look who is receiving the data – follow the data – it is the new oil. (Example – Google)
  • Implementation of smart cities and monitoring in real time.

Deepest Concerns

  • It is about social control
  • We know what is best for you, trust us!
  • This is not by mistake but design.
  • Social credit systems with bio-metric data waiting to implement solutions to those who will not comply
  • A.I for pre-crime is becoming a reality.
  • Identify people in real time (software) sold to police departments.
  • Predict who might commit a crime with a 90% estimated accuracy but what about the 10% who are wrongly arrested?
  • There are inherent risks like bias against the 10% who are innocent. (meanwhile their life could be ruined)

Smart Regions

  • Get data/information out of the city – a data pump.
  • Too many councils protecting their citizens – a barrier to technocracy
  • “The Smart Region Initiative” – A form of regional government that control multiple cities. (without any consent from the cities or elected officials)
  • Run by a academic consortium and non-profit organizations who are also not elected.
  • That gives the “initiative” perceived authority.
  • Cell companies can just implement their technology with once foul swoop rather then city by city.

Trans-humans are best suited to a Technocracy – They can self evolve using science and create humanity 2.0 (It essentially a religion – Scientism – no morals just science)

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