Cult of covid

Cults have no logic or reasoning.

  • Anyone who is part of the cult must place aside logic and reasoning outside the cults reasoning.
  • Cult members must not question the reasoning of the cult
  • Cult members who question the cult are punished by other cult members
  • Cults are not inclusive.
  • People outside the cult are lost and need to be taught the truth.
  • People who refuse to be taught and become part of the cult are persecuted.
  • Leadership of the cult must be 100% accepted and never doubted no matter how many times it changes its ideas. (even if they contradict)
  • Cult members can become very violent against those who are outside the cult.
  • Cult members can do very unreasonable things that they would not normally consider outside the cult.
  • Cult members become extremely emotional and this reinforces their belief system no matter how ridiculous or extreme it might have appeared to be outside of the cult.
  • As the cult increases in numbers those who will not join or submit become the target of significant violence.
  • Eventually, families will break down because some members will not acquiesce to cult beliefs.
  • Family members who reject the cult will be vilified and seen as the enemy.
  • Ultimately those outside the cult will be jailed and executed if they continue to refuse to submit to its ideals or they will be forcibly re-educated.
  • Torture and violent acts to those outside of the cult is justified for the safety of the cult members even if non-members are peaceful.
  • The fruit of cult is violence, hate and division – ultimately destruction of the cult members lives, businesses, wealth, mental health, relationships and their society.

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  1. nodozer says:

    Wrong pic, buddy. not just misleading but totally offensive. delete it.

    1. Godfrey Tremethick says:

      How so?

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