Australia: I’m not an anti-vaxxer’: Craig Kelly vows to resume Facebook campaign

JFK junior has been a champion of children vs vaccines since the the US universal jab push under warp speed. Recently I discovered some pretty obvious information about the so called prince of children and anti-demonic!

JFK junior had all his kids vaccinated and promotes the jabs openly. Not only that he and the Clinton spawness are close friends. Come on now!

This same American royalty was banned from Twitter for his anti vaxxer comments. I honestly was so close to believing him after his freedom speech in Germany where he got to fly in a private jet while the rest of us are locked down. That chat to the chanting crowd was pretty darn good drama and I rated it 8.5 on IMDB.

Craig Kelly is ones of the Aussie PM’s mates (and is the representative of the PM’s favourite suburb on earth – close to where he grew up and the home of his beloved football team) and recently resigned from the right wing party over his vaccine scepticism to become an independent.

Funnily enough I saw a staged confrontation between him and a member of the opposition who accused him of being an ant-vaxxer blah blah blah. Incidentally the army of reporters were ready for the informal fight in the halls of Parliament House. It was like a scene of a movie! I personally felt it was off but had no idea where all this was leading to. To add to the drama the PM had a “serious” chat with his old time friend to pull him back from depths of vaccine lunacy and bring him in to the safe and warm embrace of the fold. Of course reporters were conveniently poised that for that conversation too. Again I smelt something off.

Was this a ploy of the deep state to make Craig the hero of the vaccine aware crowd in Australia and to draw them out of hiding much like the Trumpians got herded like sheep to the slaughter by Trump himself who called the loyal to action? It certainly could be. I personally would not trust the man as far as I could throw him. He would need to go way further for me to even consider him legitimate and even then I would remain sceptical.

Stay tuned for his monster battle against the evil vaccine companies and his epic Facebook campaign for our kids – blah blah blah. He has a disabled child to shame sceptics like me. But having had a disabled child myself I am hard case to crack these days and less vulnerable every day to the big shows blah blah blah.

Yes all my kids got vaccines as did I. I was a shining believer and evangelist of the noble cause but then this whole plandemic started and everything felt off, smelt off and looked like a giant turd. So I used my incredible power of reasoning and found out what was in a vaccine. Then I listened to the champions tell why and that sounded like more you-know-what. Like 10s of millions of people around this world the elites/deep state/demonisers etc played their hand way to quick and woke us out of our trust. We are forever lost to them and they just threw more fuel to their own demise exponentially as even those self centred millennials started to rise up, getting of their rear ends! That in itself was worth being alive to witness.

Next we will see Craig and the PM at a Sharks game huddled together like brothers and laughing as their team scores again! However the MSM will be no where to be seen for that show.

2 thoughts on “controlled opposition?”

  1. Kelly’s thing was hydroxychloroquine,wich has spilled into freedom of speach,medical malpractice and MSM bias issues. Its forced many to expose themselves.
    As for planned opposition, I have gone way past that ,we know the end game and now everything just becomes details.
    Personally,if there is no lizards at the end of this i will be DEMANDING a refund.
    Yours Tony.

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