corona cash

Funny how organisations, governments and other powerful entities feed of our fear to guide us towards their goals. If it good or not good for you does not factor in their thought process, only that you mindlessly submit to what they desire to to reach whatever the goal happens to be. But is getting rid…

the economy is the victim

Unemployment in the US has soared to ridiculous levels. It makes the GFC look like a walk in the garden. Are we throwing the baby out with the bath water?

6 trillian bucks!

The US is just about to go in to a 8 trillion debt. This is in response to the crash we experiencing worldwide. This video might help you understand all of this madness.

market update on gold and silver

Here is our English gentleman’s take on the gold and silver markets during these tumultuous times. He makes comments on the world markets

world markets not looking good.

As with all videos, do research. But these guys are pretty good. Everything is very fragile right now. There is always a cost to every action that central banks are making.

66 billion ways of sexy

Scott Morrison to announce $66bn stimulus, including income support for workers. PM of OZ to shovel an early Christmas present to the economy as we surge past 1000 cases. Do we really face Armageddon?

gold and silver updates

Illuminati Silver gives updates on silver, gold and other financial stuff. During this crisis the US dollar is king! Will it stay so? Find out!