Lockdowns fail except they kill jobs

November 14, 2020 godfrey 0

Source: https://mises.org/wire/lockdowns-havent-brought-down-covid-mortality-they-have-killed-millions-jobs During the early onset of covid-19 in the spring, government officials across the political spectrum widely agreed that government intervention and forced closure […]

lockdown 2.0 is beyond stupidity

November 7, 2020 godfrey 0

Source: https://mises.org/wire/absurdity-lockdown-20 “A man walks through an eerily quiet, once-busy street lined with closed-down stores and burnt-out vehicles. Some of the storefronts display boarded-up windows, […]

irish lockdown

October 6, 2020 godfrey 0

IRELAND COULD be heading back into a full nationwide lockdown after health officials advised the implementation of the highest level of restrictions. The National Public […]

a letter from Belgium

September 30, 2020 godfrey 0

pen letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media.September 5th 2020 We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express […]

corona religion

September 26, 2020 godfrey 0

We believe in one Virus, the SARS-COV-2, the Almighty, destroyer of heaven and earth, that is all there is, seen and unseen. We believe in […]

lock downs and witch doctors

September 11, 2020 godfrey 0

Source: Mises Wire The toll lockdowns have taken on human life and human rights has been incalculable. Increases in child abuse, suicide, and even heart attacks, all […]