freedom will not come back

September 25, 2020 godfrey 0

Source: Although many people have been returning to school and work recently and starting to move about with fewer restrictions, there is no denying […]

diy pandemic

September 18, 2020 godfrey 0

We have created a special downloadable kit for a limited time that allows you to create your own personalised pandemic! Imagine the fun of seeing […]

there is no hope

August 8, 2020 godfrey 0

In a world where you cannot leave your home for something that is no more dangerous than a flu what hope is there? What is […]

re-writing the facts

June 30, 2020 godfrey 0

Covid-19 is a virus but the deaths from the Spanish flu were caused by a bacteria which is completely different. Why do flu virus vaccines […]

chook poop

June 18, 2020 godfrey 0

Now the pigs, chooks and even minks are crook! The first wave was not scary enough so they needed to invent a better branded scare […]

no virus

June 17, 2020 godfrey 0

If covid-19 has never been isolated and proven to exist then how do we know that it does? People who are dying of the flu […]