they want you sick – masks and denmark

Source: Three leading medical journals have refused to publish the results of the first major scientific investigation into the effects of wearing masks on the spread of COVID-19. The authors of the long-awaited “gold-standard” randomised controlled trial have admitted their findings are “controversial” and are keeping them secret until their paper has been peer-reviewed…

OH&S Pro with 27 years experience says masks are very dangerous

He has 27 years of experience as an Occupational Health and Safety Professional and specialises in respirators. If the authorities told us to a wear a clowns hat to stop meteors falling from heaven and hitting our heads would we do that? What they are saying conflicts with just plain old common garden variety sense….

face diaper (nappy)

Yes, a nappy on your face will stop the nasty virus. Ignore science because who gives a bugger! The techno-cretins tell us to wear one so we must comply! YOU MUST WEAR A MASK

ok ok masks do NOT NOT work

Listen to the studies. Listen to the science. Masks can make it much much worse! Why then are we being told to wear them? Why? Why? Do they want us sick? Starved of O2? Why Face Masks DON’T Work, According To SCIENCE – powered by

flogging a dead horse

US Surgeon General Opposes Mask Mandate With mask usage becoming an increasingly polarized debate, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams encouraged mask usage but spoke out against making them mandatory due to concerns that it could lead to rebellion.23 In my interview with Denis Rancourt, Ph.D., a former full professor of physics, and a researcher with…

no reason

Source: “For too long now, health officials sold us that donning masks and other face coverings, such as bandanas, would somehow slow the spread of the nano-sized virus, SARS-CoV2, which causes the symptom complex referred to as COVID-19. Their theory doesn’t hold water. It has no precedent in medicine or science. Speaking with several veteran…